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19 Old Town Square
Suite 230
Fort Collins, CO 80524
About Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a city located 60 miles north of Denver and just one hour from Denver International Airport. One of the most highly educated communities in the United States, the city is home to about 143,986 people including 26,000 students attending Colorado State University.

Average median income is $72,248 with a diverse employment base that includes Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Anheuser Busch, WaterPik, and Colorado State University.

The high quality of life in Fort Collins attracts highly creative people and innovative companies from around the world. The City has a full time symphony orchestra, more restaurants per capita than any other city in Colorado, it is close to some of the best outdoor recreation areas in the United States, it produces more live theater than Boulder and Colorado Springs combined.

For more detailed information about Fort Collins and its economy, please visit the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation.
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