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19 Old Town Square
Suite 230
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Community Marketplace

pdfFort Collins Community Marketplace Financial Feasibility Presentation
April 27, 2011 | 20 pgs | 2m

pdfFort Collins Community Marketplace Feasibility Study
December 2010 | 96 pgs | 4m

pdfCertification Programs in Action: Market-based Solutions for the Consious Consumer Economy
2009 | 58 pgs | 4m

pdfConcept Report
October 2008 | 17 pgs | 4m

pdfRefining the Vision
April 2009 | 24 pgs
What is the Community Marketplace?

The mission of the Fort Collins Community Marketplace project is to serve as the intersection of locally sustainable and globally fair entrepreneurial practices and values, and the center for the transfer of this knowledge and these practices to the community and area businesses. The Marketplace will satisfy this function as much through its physical character as it will through activities within.
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