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Got Big Ideas?

The DDA Board will schedule 10 minutes at the beginning of each of its monthly meetings to provide time for people to present an idea relating to downtown. These ideas should embody innovative thinking, cool and exciting project concepts, creative solutions to an existing problem, a serendipitous invention, or anything else in that vein. There is no limitation on the subject matter of the presentation except that it must have some beneficial relationship to the downtown.

- One or more presenters will be given an opportunity to present to the Board of Directors.
- The idea or concept being presented is not required to have existing financial backing
- Up to 10 minutes will be made available for the entire Big Idea session on each month’s agenda.
- Individual presenters should keep their presentation to approximately 3 minutes in length to allow adequate time for question and answer exchange with DDA Board members.
- Presentation concepts and ideas are presented to the DDA Board for information purposes only. What concepts/ideas/project go forward, if any will be at the discretion of the Board.

Call DDA staff at 970-484-2020 with inquiries.
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